Auction Growth Into The 21St Century

"The Numbers Don't Lie." The live auction industry continues to grow in the United States and if it can be sold, its been sold at auction. In 2002, the auction industry sold $195.3 billion in goods and services. In 2008, $268.5 billion was sold at auction! The fastest growing sector of the live auction industry is real estate. Residential real estate is the fastest with total gross sales increasing 47.7% between 2003-2008. The largest sector is automobile auctions with $83.1 billion sold in 2008. The Gross Sales Revenue (in billions) was, Art, Antiques & Collectibles ($12.4) ,Automobiles ($83.1) Agricultural machinery & equipment ($18.5), Commercial & industrial machinery & equipment ($12.7), Livestock ($17.2), Land & agricultural real estate ($26), Commercial & industrial real estate ($15.5) Residential real estate ($17.1), Personal Property ($9.2), Intellectual Property ($0.2), Charity ($16.3). NAA, The National Auctioneers Association.

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